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[ Daffy with Daffodils ] 

Love, love, love the daffodils popping up and wecloming spring. 

"Go big or go home', or is it "More is not Enough"!


This tablescape epitomizes the more, the better.  


My eyes are always on the look out for interesting items. I spotted this daffodil table runner at Home Goods, and thought that one day I would use it.  Several vists to another store and I find the matching napkins.  Wow! 


Adding my basic green lettuce plates gave me a great start to a tablescape. 


Again, as I was traveling thru a local thrift shop, these yellow made in Portugal salad plates caught my eye!. There were only four but at $1.00 each, what a buy!  


Add a bouquet of daffodils and you have a cheery, sun filled table!



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