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[ Is it VĀSE or VĂZE? Part 1]

Vas is Latin for "container, vessel." What flower vessel is your signature style?

Your dinner menu sets the direction for your tablescape. Then, your flowers and “vase” are the center stage for your tablescape. If your lucky to receive a dozen long stem roses, you show place them in a crystal glass vase. A wildflower mix creates a very whimsical arrangement.

There are no set rules when it comes to creative arrangements. It’s about stimulating the senses; seeing, feeling and smelling. When selecting flowers, I look for colors that work with my tablescape. Then, price may play a role. For this writing, I went to the flower market in the grocery store and picked some floral options for a variety of vases or vessels.


Open your cupboards and discover that pitcher, creamer, teapot, or cup stored on the top shelf. Dust it off and fill it with water. At a flea market, if you see a beautiful piece with a missing lid, or slight chip, it may be the perfect addition to your VĂZE collection.


Tulips are my favorite flower, and what a way to brighten your day than with a mixed bouquet. There are many creative options with tulips, minimal, elegant, casual, and rustic.

If the stems are long, they create a graceful flow from the vase.

Here is a Limoges tea pot filled with various shade of pink tulips. Then, there are the same tulips in a vintage laboratory vessel. Solid, hues and mixed tulips when added to a different "vessel" create a special tablescape.

THE FLOWER: Baby's Breath, a very light delicate flower, is also easy on the budget. When added to a creamer, it's soft and feminine.

Stay tuned for Is it VĀSE or VĂZE? Part 2 when the vases are bottles, jars and decanters.

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