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[ Essential #3: Glassware ]


How many glasses do we need? Can’t we use paper cups? I love and crave glassware. Friends tell me, “The crystal I received for wedding gifts is still in the box”. If you select what’s right for you, it’s easy to get it out of the box, and put it to use. When selecting glassware;

  • Hold it. How does it feel? Is it too heavy, to light? How does your hand fit the glass?

  • Is the opening a good size for you? For example, you wouldn’t want the opening the size of a shot glass for your beverage.

  • Colors are beautiful, but when purchasing your first set, start with basic clear. You can add mix and match color as your entertaining needs grow.

Focus:  Entertaining

Your glassware grows with you from an easy entertaining style to formal meet the boss dinners. Ask yourself, “What are your go to beverages for entertaining?” Wine, Champagne, Cocktails (Highball, Martini, Margarita, Cordial, Brandy, Port), Beer, Beverage

That’s a lot of glasses!

Wine Glasses

All purpose, stemless & vintage

  • Ease of Use

  • Low Breakage – Replaceable

  • All Purpose

Unless you are a wine connoisseur, start with the all-purpose goblet. Another option is flea market, antique water goblets, these vary in price, and you can mix and match them. Check Crate and Barrel, or Home Goods for good selections.

Cocktail Glass
Martini, margarita, highball, vintage

These may not be at the top of your list. Some cocktails are married to a specific glass style. Highball glasses for “stiff” straight up drinks. The "M & M" glasses – Martini and Margarita – may be your go to drink. Depending on your entertainment needs, start with 6.Search for these at Crate and Barrel, or Home Goods.

Champagne Glass

Flutes are often used because you want the opening at the mouth of the glass to be small so the “bubbles” don’t escape. Champagne is frequently the choice for celebration. Depending on the frequency and quality of champagne served may determines the class of glassware. My recommendation go for the glam. Select an elegant Hollywood flute that will last you a life time.

Beer Glass

It’s easy to drink from the bottle but as your style changes you will may go from “iced mug”, stein to glass – your call. You can use your beverage glasses. There is no need for high end glassware. However, I may regret saying this as craft beers rise on the entertainment beverage list.

Beverage Glass

Everyday glassware can transition to entertaining. Now, I like drinking from a thin rim, and a crystal-like glass. I look for 1920-40’s glassware at second hand shops. I use these for juice, water and ice beverages. You will notice in my tablescapes, that I use a variety of shapes, weights and sizes for my entertaining needs.

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