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[ Valentine's Day ]


Valentine's Day is a special time to celebrate love, appreciation and happiness. Choose a special person to enjoy this day. Decide on whether it's your sweetheart, your mother, grandmother or great aunt, or your little ones. A romantic, pretty or whimsical tablescape sets the mood and brings smiles of joy to your guests.

Jewels on the table add sparkle, glitter and elegance.  It's easy! Reuse some of your holiday trends. I gathered some boxwood and made a garland and spread it across the diameter of the table. I added sweetheart roses intermittingly, and spread petals around the garland. The glitter is from a holiday jeweled garland. The garland is made with garnet-like crystals and rhinestone florets attached to gold mesh chainmaille. 

Besides your significant other, your babies are your sweetest Valentine. So we have a special Valentine table for them. 





Valentine's Day is a day to espress love and happiness. Think of all the people you love, and all who make you happy.  There are many ways to celebrate the day, whether it be breakfast, lunch, tea or dinner. 

Let's start with a Valentine Tea or Coffee. I like to invite female friends in my neighborhood to an afternoon tea. It's a ladies day out with all the frills.

Wink with pink my sweet Valentine. Four steps to an all out pink tablescape. 

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