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The winter officially begins in December, but in December you have holiday spirits that bring warmth to your table. You may not want to let go of the holiday. Transition your table. 


  • Bring the outside in

  • Create a winter wonderland

  • Keep some holiday spirit





  1. Place a transitional holiday sculpture or motif outside. Here, you can see the folk art snowman through the french doors.

  2. The center piece is all about snow - snowmen, white snowlike tree shaped candles, and snowmen candles.

  3. The place setting is continues the snow theme "snow". Each place setting has a cordial glass that holds a tea light - white snowlike tree. In the place setting below, the tea light is traded for a silver snowman.


Winter Christmas Tablescape Snowmen and antiques

[ The Place Setting ]

Here are white lettuce leaf plates made in Portugal with antique square cabbage leaf bread and butter plates. Carry the winter theme with silver snowman from Pottery Barn. Glassware is antique pressed lead glass goblets.

Table Glamour Winter  Table Setting Snowmen white trees
Winter Christmas outdoor decorations snowman

[ The Pop ]

The folk art snowman was purchased at a craft show. The body is a white painted fence post. Two dowels are used for arms . Add paint to create the face and buttons. The top hat is made from plywood.  Place a spot light for night viewing. The kids love him. The best part, he doesn't melt!

Winter Christmas tablescape centerpiece White tree candles Snowment

[ The Centerpiece ]

The tin snowmen are from Home Goods. Each arm is a red candle, and the base holds a tea light. The white tree shaped flat candles are from Crate and Barrel. Purchase the themed candles on sale after the holiday.

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