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Antique Glass Hand Painted Ruffled Victorian Lily of Valley 10-11 inch glass Pitcher

This is a beautiful "minimal" glass pitcher. Looks like blown, however, no glory hole. There are lines that indicate it could be moulded. However, the handle is blown due to the bubble. 

Decoration: It is hand painted. Definitely feel the paint on the lilies of the valley and the daisies. The gold leaves and gold bands on the base are faint due to age. The gold rim on the edge is in good condition. 

The base of the pitcher have "121" in gold. 

Height approx 10.75 inches 

Approx. 6 inch diameter on ruffled edge

Approx. 4 inch opening 


The simplicity of this makes it a great addition to your table for water, lemonade, or juice.

Hand Painted Ruffled Victorian Lily of Valley Glass Pitcher

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