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[ Jewel Me, It's Valentine's Day ]

Jewels on the table add sparkle, glitter and elegance.  It's easy! Reuse some of your holiday trends.

Centerpiece: I gathered some boxwood and made a garland and spread it across the diameter of the table. I added sweetheart roses intermittingly, and spread petals around the garland. The glitter is from a holiday jeweled garland. The garland is made with garnet-like crystals and rhinestone florets attached to gold mesh chainmaille. 


Illumination: The tea lights are vintage Luminarc ruby red stem cordial glasses, that are made in France. You can find these on ebay and second hand shops. 


Place Setting: I added the same vintage ruby red sherbet glassware to each place setting. They look so pretty!


Happy Valentine's Day! 

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