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[ Wedgewood vs. Wedgwood ]


History on Wedgewood vs. Wedgwood.


Enoch Wedgwood was the cousin of Josiah Wedgwood, another china maker from the same period. The more celebrated Josiah Wedgwood Company was founded in 1759 and was justly famed for its Basalt (black ware), Jasper (often -- but not always -- blue with raised white decoration), Parian (white ware that is said to resemble Parian marble) and Queensware (cream-colored ware), among other products.

When the name "Wedgwood" is mentioned, Josiah Wedgwood (notice the absence of a second "e" in the last name) is the company that immediately springs to mind. There were, however, companies that had similar designations. These would include "Ralph Wedgwood" (1766-1837), whose early mark closely resembles that of Josiah Wedgwood.

Marks that add "& Company" to the name of Wedgwood (Josiah and his descendants never did) or spell "Wedgwood" as "Wedgewood." Wedgwood and Company was actually in business from 1860 to 1965.

"Enoch Wedgwood" took over Wedgwood and Company when it closed in 1965. Josiah Wedgwood, in turn, acquired it, in 1980, who renamed it the "Unicorn Pottery."

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