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[ What does your pumpkin say about you? ]

Do you prefer the orange pumpkin as seen in the farmer’s pumpkin patch?

Orange is so yesterday’s news, but it is the fall color. Is orange the new black?

Does this say you are a traditionalist?

You like fall, the trees changing color, and the cool breezes. You go apple picking, drink apple cider, take a hayride, and pick out your round pumpkin. You may even purchase your pumpkin at the grocery store.

Are you searching for white pumpkins, called Luminas, Caspers or Baby Boos? White is the absence of color.

Does this say you are style conscious, on the edge, and somewhat revolutionary? You want something different. You read decorator’s blogs and search Pinterest. You are not under pressure by family members to go Orange, unless you are a Syracuse graduate!

Do you require a real pumpkin or will you fake it?

Fake pumpkins are plastic, fabric, ceramic or glass.

Does this say you are artistic, eclectic, or a patron of

the arts? You are busy, time is limited, and it’s easy to pull out a reproduction, or place focus on a prized piece of art.

If you are following me, you see that I mix it up. I favor orange as a color, so the orange pumpkins go outside. The white are used on my tables in my décor. However, my prized possession, is this glass blow pumpkin by Jack Pine. In Kennebunkport, ME, Compliments store window caught my eye. All sizes and colors of glass blown pumpkins are displayed. I am eclectic.

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