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[ Sparkling Easter ]

Some of you may remember shopping for your Easter outfit. It was a big event in our house. Looking for that spring coat, party dress, new white patent leather shoes, white gloves and of course a great straw hat! I was always waiting for my picture to be snapped! My mother always looked for the latest style in hats. It seemed the more flowers the better the hat. However, her quest was to have matching leather gloves.

Today, I look forward to Easter flowers, spring and an Easter brunch. The table must have a theme, lots of flowers, and favors for the young and old. This year's them is "Sparkle"!

Step 1: White linen tablecloth for my base.

Step 2. Blue, blue, blue, Sparkle, to me means diamonds and silver. Since blue is a cool color, silver accents go best.

Step 3. Determine my brunch menu to select the appropriate china. Maybe, it's the other way around, I look at my china and determine my brunch menu! A cold soup is a nice change to start. You can serve the soup in bouillon cups (easy find at 2nd hand shops), tea cups, or cordial glasses.

Step 4. White flowers either lilies or tulips places the focus on the sparkle and blue.

Step 5. White bunnies can either be candles or tea lights. I have found the bunny candles at Home Goods, and the bunny tea light holders at Target.

Step 6. Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle - Silver wrapped candy, or mirrored eggs. These eggs were found at the Christmas Tree Shop for $1.00!. I placed them in the champagne glasses. When the sun comes in, I feel like Pollyanna - the reflection off the mirrors is all over my dining room! Sparkles make me smile!

Have a sparkling day!

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