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[ Let It Snow, Snowman ]

Let’s Make a Snowman!

Table Glamour for Child's Table Setting

As soon as the snow falls, my youngest is building a snowman. At Christmas, I carry that theme inside, and have been collecting snowmen of all shapes and sizes. What better way to delight my son, but to set a children’s snowman table.

Step 1: Doodle Paper is a great start to cover the table. Little ones can entertain themselves.

Step 2: Focal Point should follow your theme. A tin snowman and a fake cranberry garland added color. Then, a basket of colored pencil for the doodles.

Table Glamour for Child's Table Setting

Step 3: Place Setting is a set of small tree shaped hors d’oeuvre plates. Topping the plate is a ceramic ornament. I fill these with little goodies, cheerios, crackers, mini carrots or a chocolate kiss.

A miniature stocking holds the fork.

Table Glamour for Child's Table Setting

In a thrift shop, I found metal snowmen bells, and added them to the chair décor.

So, much fun!

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