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[Who's the Sweetest Valentine?]

Besides your significant other, your babies are your sweetest Valentine. So we have a special Valentine table for them.

1. KISS them and K.I.S.S (keep it simple sweetheart).

2. Kids like glitter, themes and candy. I strung a set of heart shaped lights and a red and gold tassel garland around a child's table.

3. Each chair had their Valentine artwork taped to teh back. If you haven't received your valentine, use last years. Since I save everything, I made a garland of my boys' valentines.

4. Find some heart shaped plates to serve the sweets.

I wanted to have some nutritional food, so, I filled a small juice glass with raspberries.

5. A candy centerpiece. I started with the candy, twizzlers, lollipops and jellies. I used pop sticks to hold the jellies. The container is a heart shaped teapot from Home Goods.

Happy Valentine's Day! XOXO

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