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Harvest Portraits

Think of all the artist who have created beautiful still life’s – “Harvest Portraits.” I have an affection for fruits.

Every time I see a fruit design plate, I had to have it! I favor the transfer ware from Germany. Then, the ceramics from Italy and Portugal caught my eye. Before I knew it, I had enough for a party. Whether you start with a bowl of green apples, lemons or limes or a bowl is an artist’s interpretation of fruit. You have a great centerpiece. Since it’s the end of summer, I picked some Sunflowers, Black-Eyed Susan, and blue Hydrangea for my centerpiece. Love the transition from yellow to cobalt blue. My Hydrangeas took a long time to bloom because I trimmed last year stalks too early. These Hydrangeas are a lacy blue and turn pink over time.

Place Setting: With so many fruit patterns to choose from, I selected plates that would blend with the blue and yellow theme. Starting with a neutral cloth and straw place mats, I added a glass gold rim charger. After much contemplation between white plates, green plates or yellow plates, I went with the green made in Portugal dinner plate. Green is very neutral and brings the outside in. It didn’t fight with the yellow and blue flowers.

Cobalt blue wine goblets intensified the color theme.

I’m thinking of using the harvest plates for Thanksgiving, so this was a good practice run!

Harvest Portrait Plates are timeless and can ring in a season whether they are grapes, apples, strawberries, cherries, oranges or lemons! Pick your favorite.

Interested? Plates available in the TableGlamour Vintage Shop. Contact me if interested.

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