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[ Holiday Parties: Beverage Station #2 ]

Beverage Station #2 – Cocktail Bar for New's Eve!

Table Glamour Whiskey Bar

Cocktails Hollywood style with sparkle, glitter, silver and glass. Unless you have a fully stocked bar,

narrow your drink selection. For the holiday’s, I serve the basics; vodka, gin, scotch and bourbon.

These can be served straight up or on the rocks. I offer these beverages, and a martini. My condiments are at a minimum, lemons, cheeries, and olives.

6 Essentials for your Cocktail Bar

Essential 1: Ice Bucket - selecting an ice bucket can add glitter to the beverage station.

Table Glamour Table Setting

Essential 2: Decanters – if you have them, use them. I funnel my alcohol into them for the party. They are so pretty and sparkly. I inherited some of mine, and then found some at flea markets and second hand shops. Crate and Barrel have great contemporary ones.

Table Glamour Table setting

Essential 3: Glassware – highball glasses for the “straight up or on the rocks” drinks. Add a couple of martini glasses. I use vintage cocktail glasses.

Essential 4: Condiment Containers and Cocktail Picks- keeping with the sparkle and glitter them, I used crystal fruit bowls for the condiments. Look for holiday picks. I have some with silver bells from Crate and Barrel.

Table Glamour Table Setting

Essential 5: Munchies – a small nut bowl for your guest to nibble while making the drink.

Essential 6: Cocktail napkins

Happy New Year!

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