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[ Falling for Fall ]

You welcome your quests to your home. While the weather is still enjoyable, put a happy face on your outdoor entry. During my travels I'm always snapping photos. The phone camera makes it sooooo easy! Falling in love with Fall is more than the foliage. It's about creativity in and around your home. My journey began last fall, and I was in New England when this site was launched. What better way to celebrate an anniversary than with my fall tour.

Here are some first fall impressions, that captured my smile.

Window boxes filled with pumpkins and gourds.

If you don't have a window box, just add to your window sill.

Move the vignette from inside to outside.

Even if you live on a boat, you can welcome your visitors. Couldn't resist this one!

Falling in love with fall, Happy Anniversary TableGlamour!

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