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[ All 4 Ribbon ]

♫ On the second week of Christmas decorating, I found a ribbon... Oh what glee..♫

Step 1: Align the gold shell like ribbon down the center of the gold cloth.

Step 2: After adding the adorable boxwood trees in gold flower pots, the table needed a pop. Hmm... champaign flutes topped with sparking mini gold trees added the pop in height. Combine these with the my favorite tree tea lights in Meissen port glasses. More is better. I added gold trimmed crystal Christmas balls to antique sherbet glasses. For the Pollyanna effect, I added led candles to the base of the sherbet glasses.

Step 3: Want to use the antique china? Here is antique Chinese export Cabbage Leaf and Butterflies. These six inch octagon plates are perfect for a cover plate. Add a clip of the ribbon to tie in the table theme. Interested in the Cabbage Leaf plates, check them out.

♫ Two turtle doves..♫ no but Two glitter trees!

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