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[Tools 4 Sweet Asparagus]

We have asparagus all year long.

According to City Kitchen in the New York Times, they are the sweetest in the spring. You can read all about growing, cooking and buying them in the Times.

For me, cooking them is easy, peasy. You can roast, grill or steam them. While it’s cold out side, I steam them. Using and asparagus pot makes it so easy, especially if the steamer has “resting” handles. Once you complete cooking, lift the steamer and let it rest on the mini handles. The mini handles sit on the rim of the pot. Asparagus steamers can be found on line or in any cooking store.

For a serving dish, I like to use an oblong platter. Here I can place the spears like a line in a marching band. While still hot, I sprinkle Parmesan cheese; it gives them a little earthy taste. You can also cook al dente server in a vase. They can be your centerpiece, and serve as finger food. I love using my MacKenzie Childs Country Check serving platter.

Trouble moving the asparagus from the serving dish to your plate. An asparagus server is a must in your flatware drawer. I used to use tongs, a fork, and a pie cutter and it was always messy. Then at a sale, I came upon a silver plated asparagus server. At first I put with my good flatware, but now, it’s in the kitchen. You can find these on eBay; it’s a frequently used piece of flatware …if you like asparagus!

I couldn't forget to share my place setting with you. Adding pink accents for spring; a glass dessert plate, wine goblet and a napkin. Enjoy!

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