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[Kiss Me..I'm Italian Wearing Green]

I go with the flow. I wear Green on St. Patrick's Day with the hope for a kiss!

This year my table is wearing the green. This table was so much fun!

Centerpiece: Green is a nature color. Of, course you need some shamrocks, oxalis (shamrock shaped leaves with white flowers), green pompom mums, moss. and don't forget green apples. There is so much to work with that sometimes it is hard to select one. So, I bought all of them. Now, I put my flower hat on. I used the oxalis for the center with my little gold leprechaun shoes. Candle holder is from Dane Gallery.

Place Setting: Dish towels make great napkins for messy foods. The green and white striped dish towels provided a touch of color between the straw placemat and cabbage leaf plate. I wanted to have shamrocks at each place setting. I searched my milk glass collection, and found these juice glasses that have fruit transfers on the front. The pear shaped glasses are tied with the MacKenzie-Childs country check ribbon.

Then, I changed my mind! I used cored green apples with green pom-pom mums . My house is fairly cool, and these lasted 3 days! ​

Now, we can have some Irish scones and tea. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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