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Home alone at holiday time? Fill it with cheer, joy and traditions. It doesn't have to be over the top, but all of us need some cheer in our life. The holidays are filled with color and sparkle, familiar sounds, and sweet smells.

Step 1: Set up a holiday vignette. Change the color of the candles, add a garland that screams holiday, or just put out that favorite Santa or Snowman. It may just be cocktail napkins - and use them, don't just look at them!

Step 2: Bake something, or purchase your favorite indulgence.

Step 3: Pour some egg nog, or other holiday beverage. Even though my mother was born before it was considered five o'clock anywhere, she would say, "it's eleven o'clock, time for champagne"! Invite a little one over for tea, or just snuggle up with your favorite brew.

Step 4: Play some holiday music. The music may make you sing, or dance like my mother used to do. Every time she hear music whether it be in the house or in the mall, she would raise her hands and tap her feet. It was embarrassing when I was little, but now I understand. The music sets the stage for the following steps. If you don't have echo, then get the cd's out.

Step 5: Buy yourself a gift, and wrap it with the largest bow. Place it where you can see it, and anticipate taring the ribbons off, and making a mess. No photo because I'm waiting for mine to arrive!

Step 6: Volunteer to serve at a charity. It will be the happiest time of year.

Happy Holidays to all!

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