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[ New Year's Eve: Beverage Station #1 - Wine ]

Kiss a frog for the New Year; be surprised by trying something new, “Beverage Stations”. Let’s make it effortless for your guests to get a beverage.

TableGlamour's beverage rules:

  1. Non-alcoholic beverages can be self-served.

  2. Alcoholic beverages should be served. It’s best to have someone monitor the consumption, so all can enjoy themselves. The table should be in an area which is easily accessible, and guests can move in out.

  3. Beverage tastes much better in a “real” glass.

Regardless of the number of guests, beverages are served in real glassware and there are beverage stations. Position the station for easy access with space for ice which can be outdoors. Wine stations can be self-serving.

4 Easy steps to a wine station.

  1. Select a glam container to hold your ice and white wine/champagne. I like using my punch bowls to hold bottles of wine. Flea markets and second hand shops have great punch bowl finds in milk glass, or heavy pressed class.

  1. Sparkle up the station with real wine glasses. If you are new to glassware, the stem less glasses are easy to hold, fit in the dishwasher, large enough minimizing “tipsy”, and easy to replace.

  1. Provide glassware with wine charms. If you don’t have wine charms, use key tags or gift tags. Let your guest place their mark on the tag.

  1. Bar towel to wipe up spills. Dish towels or large cloth napkins are good soakers. Don’t forget to have cocktail napkins.

Tip: For my comfort level, I serve more white wine, then, red.

Happy New Year!

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