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[ Engage thru Glasses ]

Clink your glass - “Cin Cin”, an Italian toast.

Did you just get engaged? Are you de-cluttering your china closet? Does your glassware match your beverage? Here are 5 basic entertaining glassware requirements.

  1. Wine Glasses can be stemmed or stem-less. Start with an all-purpose contemporary glass. You can add vintage, heirlooms and flea market finds to your collection. Vintage water goblets are great for mixing and matching.

  1. Champagne glasses may not be high on your list if you only indulge in the beverage on special occasions. However, they are a good staple. A narrow flute lets the bubbles last longer. Here I paired my flute with a vintage water goblet that I use for wine.

  1. Cocktail glasses are for your special drink. Whether it’s a martini, margarita, or high ball, over time, these can be added to your collection. I like the 1920-30’s vintage highball that can be frequently found at flea markets. Picture below is 1 of 2 multi-colored Murano martini glasses that I pair with the contemporary cobalt swirled martini. Lastly, I frequently use this vintage highball glass for cocktails.

  1. Beer mugs, steins or pilsners are used in restaurants for drafts, but some still prefer the bottle. As the craft industry progresses, this may become a vital addition to your collection.

  1. Beverage glassware is used for everyday beverages and can be used when you entertain. I have gone from the heavy duty glass to a more light weight thin rim glass. It may be silly, but I think the beverage tastes better in an elegant glass. Here is a mix and match selection.. The shorter one can be used for juice, or a "European" glass of wine. The taller one holds a healthy beverate pour. As your glass fashion grows, add some coler.

For more information on glassware, check out glassware under the china closet tab.

Let the party begin!

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