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[ Polka Dots...4 Ethereal Christmas Table ]

An ethereal Christmas tablescape came from a Christmas past. Year after year, I assumed the

responsibility of the holiday activities. This included, gifts, wrapping, baking, and decorating.

Table Glamour Table Setting

One Christmas, I went out into the woods, and resurrected a Christmas tree from the past. Yes, it was dead, and had no needles. I dragged it in and sprayed it gold, put lights on it, and hung all the crystal, silver and white ornaments. In the day light it looked worse than a Charlie Brown tree, but at night with the lights on it glistened and looked ethereal. It was the talk of the village. "They have a dead tree!" All came to see it. It won the hearts of friends. Wish I had a picture!

I wanted to create the same in a tablescape that reminded me of those Christmases.

Step 1: Linens - A roll of red and white polka dot wrapping paper is the table runner scattered with clear Christmas balls.

Step 2: Lighting - Tea lights in vintage port and sherry glasses, white tree candles combined with different size candle holders illuminate the center. All the crystal candle holders support tree candles from Crate and Barrel.

Step 3: Place Setting - is kept minimal, white plates, red linen napkins tied with ribbons.

Step 4: Pop - each place setting has a mirror topped with a vintage cordial glass that holds a red & white box tea light.

When the holiday dinner is served, all the candles and tea lights will glow. The crystal will reflect the light and provide the rainbows of happiness around the room.


Table Glamour Table Setting

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