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Punch Bowl & Christmas Bulbs

Have extra Christmas bulbs and your grandmother’s punch bowl? Let’s put them to use. Get grandma’s out of the attic, or find a vintage glass punch bowls, very popular in the 1950’s in a thrift shop.

Here I have my mother’s punch bowl, and someone’s grandmothers.

I also have very large glass ornaments, known as “witches balls”. My sons would give me one every Christmas. These balls are very special to me, and I wanted a new way to display them.

Voila! I filled the punch bowl with them. I found some Lucite stars that light up, and added them to the mix. You can add the mini twinkle lights.

For a centerpiece, I added a silver mirrored wreath. I tend to remove the wreath and keep it on my table most of the year.

It’s a great shared memory.

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