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[ Decorating My Tree - Life in Ornaments ]

Do you ever really look at the ornaments on an individual’s Christmas tree? Do you see what I see?

As I hang mother superior on my tree, it reminds me of not being able to roll my skirt to make my uniform “tres chic”. There are several angels on my tree, and even though I was an “angel”, there were many days that I was on the far side.

I took charm classes, and was prim and proper. My outfits matched from head to toe.

Marriage and family class was about the boys. How long do I wait 'til I kiss a boy?

I enjoyed a good prank and laugh hence the grinning sugar plum. I had many laughs. Some got me into trouble, but today I still can laugh.

Like a butterfly, I migrated to college. Butterfly migration is not well understood, and neither was I. Like a butterfly, some of my friends migrated short distances, but I migrated what felt like many miles away. At college I experienced another side of life.

Now, I can be daring, brazen and bold. To the horror of my mother, I hang mermaids on the tree. They represent my free spirit.

As I hang each ornament, I remember and smile. When someone comes to my home, they say “What a beautiful tree!” Do they see what I see?

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