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[Bridal Shower or Tea for Adults]

Who wants to go to a tea or a shower?

With the busy schedules today, the weekends are made for my time. Whether that be with my children, significant other, catching up on errors, or chores, I don’t want to sit with a group of women, and oooh and aahh, as the gifts are open. Love the person who is honored, but…. Anyway I tend to go.

Make the next tea or shower more adult. Your tablescape can be feminine to honor the occasion, but add a kick. That’s a kick to your tea! I’m seeing many recipes for tea drinks. So for you next shower, try this.


Lots of mix and match teacups. Great way to “disguise” the libation! I used a pink color scheme. If you have all pastels, or floral, pick a theme, and run with it. You can find teacups at a local thrift shop. Let individuals take them home with your tea recipe, or filled with flowers.

Bring out the silver, it shines and glistens, and gives you that frilly, adult, high tea look.

Little tea sandwiches or cookies to soak up the tea’s alcohol. This table is set with the cookies. You can always have another with the sandwiches, and finger food.

Centerpiece: This time of year, my Solomon seal are in bloom. With all the different patterns of teacups, something neutral was need. I also tried pink roses or a softer look. Use the teacups for flower containers.

Try this recipe from the Framed Table. I added dried rosebud to the cups, and the champagne glasses - for those who want to feel more adult. Add a straw to the flutes for a new look!


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