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[A Bowl Full of Cherries]

Fourth of July is almost here, and many of us are planning for a red, white, & blue day!

Many ask how do I think of themes. This one was easy peasy! Cherries were on sale this week. Voila!

Theme: a Fenton milk glass bowl full of cherries. Milk glass has a crispness, and pop, especially with the blue and a dash of red.

Place setting: Straw mats, a basic white dinner plate, and a rim of red on the salad plate.

Wow, I found these glass cherry napkin rings, which are perfect for the soft stripes of the napkins.

Centerpiece: chose a simple floral, and an interesting vase. I almost threw out this antique sugar bowl, because of a large chip. Now, it’s repurposed as a vase.

I walk past this table and it makes me happy, makes me smile. Life is a bowl of cherries!

Maybe that’s where that expression came from. FYI: At the age of 7 I had a sailor hat with the expression “ Life is a bowl of cherries”. hmmmm

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