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A View from Milano

Grocery shopping in Milano is a fashionable experience.

Peck is the elite of elite grocery stores where the private chefs come each morning. Here they stock their pantries, a plan what will be on their employer’s table.

It makes you want to purchase the items and display them on your table. As I wander down the isles, I want to add a little of this and a little of that in my basket. The fruits are arranged and perfectly paired with a pile of chestnuts.

Dried Portobello mushrooms encased in gift-wrapped plastic, hang from a pole similar to how we display popcorn at the ball park.

Select from the many jars artichokes where the tiny ones retail for 95 euros.

The butcher showcases whole birds and hanging dry meats. and lastly the cheeses.

Breadsticks that are similar to shafts of wheat. Next to the gelato are the waffle ice cream cones displayed in a glass case. The selection goes on and on.

The best was the sparkling white and copper kitchen where all is assembled for sale.

Hmm, what’s for dinner?

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