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[Creativity Stems from Memories]

Your creativity usually stems from a past experience that is locked in your memory bank. I had an interesting experience this past weekend. I volunteered to help a friend at a charity trunk show. her jewelry selection is fabulous! I wanted to advertise a necklace by adding it to my outfit. Here’s the piece that caught my eye.

I kept thinking, “Why does this piece feel so familiar?”

I then realized that I created a similar piece 2 years ago for the city flower show,

I was honorable mention because the piece was asymmetrical! Well look flower show judges world - I was copied!,, and a lovely woman purchased the piece (not my flower show piece)! Btw- my piece was made from all nature materials; eucalyptus leaves, pistachio shells, beans, seeds and fungi! Sparkle all the time - my candy!


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