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[ Dress the Turkey...Panties? 4 Steps to Dressing the Turkey ]

Would you want to be caught without your panties? Well, let’s not forget the turkey’s panties! He can't go to the table or have his picture taken without his panites.

Your 4 steps to Dressing the Turkey

1. Cook turkey until golden brown.

2. Place on traditional turkey platter.

3. Add the panties!

4. Results in great table presentation!

Step 1: Most individuals can cook a turkey but it’s all about presentation.

In our home, when the golden brown turkey came out of the oven, my Nana use to say, “Take a picture! It’s a beautiful bird!” I have a turkey picture for almost every Thanksgivings.

Step 2: We would place the turkey on it's throne - the turkey platter.

You may have a turkey platter that you have used year over year. These platters come in many varieties, transfer pattern platters with the turkey in the center, a raised ceramic platter with a

harvest motif, a stainless steel platter set in wood, or a vintage stoneware platter. We can add herbal

bouquets around the base, and we have a pretty picture.

Step 3: Let’s take the presentation to the next level! Add panties to the turkey. These are also called, “frills” or “hats” but a chief told me they are “panties”. Frequently, you see them on crown pork roast. You can make them, or purchase them at a cooking store or on Amazon. Get the larger sizes specifically for turkeys.

Several years ago, I found these silver-plate panties. What a great way to dress the bird, and now we

have a new tradition. Now, the turkey doesn’t get its picture taken without its pants. Dress your turkey

this year.

Where to find turkey panties:

Martha Stewart Paper Frills for Crown Roast of Pork

How to Make Paper Hats for a Crown Roast

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