[...@ Thanksgiving Children's Table ]

“Why can’t I sit at the big table?”

How many Thanksgivings do you add another table?

Usually, the youngest members of the family are seated here. In our house it was a card table with a child proof table setting, plastic or paper dishes and paper tablecloth. The Thanksgiving celebration is a time for giving thanks, sharing, family conversation and the experience. So, let’s glam up that card table!

Let’s start with the plate. Be it plastic or china; tie in your Thanksgiving theme, use pumpkins or turkeys. I found some miniature turkey plates that are perfect for little ones. Use a favorite utensil. Growing up, we each had our “big girl” silverware. Here we are using the dessert fork, which is a good size for little hands. We always wanted to share the “fancy” glassware. You can find small port glasses at a thrift shop for under $2.00. Make Shirley Temples and add a cherry or apple juice with a sliced apple. They will feel so grown up.

I found old straw trivats, that work very well as placemats for the little turkey plates. For fun, I covered the table with doodling paper. A craft shop will have gel decals, these add a little color to the table. Primitive colored pencils keep the little ones busy before and after dinner.

pencils. For fun, I found some Thanksgiving crackers. They do make a mess when opened, but the kids love them.

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