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[...@ Thanksgiving Children's Table ]

“Why can’t I sit at the big table?”

How many Thanksgivings do you add another table?

Table Glamour Thanksgiving

Usually, the youngest members of the family are seated here. In our house it was a card table with a child proof table setting, plastic or paper dishes and paper tablecloth. The Thanksgiving celebration is a time for giving thanks, sharing, family conversation and the experience. So, let’s glam up that card table!

Let’s start with the plate. Be it plastic or china; tie in your Thanksgiving theme, use pumpkins or turkeys. I found some miniature turkey plates that are perfect for little ones. Use a favorite utensil. Growing up, we each had our “big girl” silverware. Here we are using the dessert fork, which is a good size for little hands. We always wanted to share the “fancy” glassware. You can find small port glasses at a thrift shop for under $2.00. Make Shirley Temples and add a cherry or apple juice with a sliced apple. They will feel so grown up.

I found old straw trivats, that work very well as placemats for the little turkey plates. For fun, I covered the table with doodling paper. A craft shop will have gel decals, these add a little color to the table. Primitive colored pencils keep the little ones busy before and after dinner.

pencils. For fun, I found some Thanksgiving crackers. They do make a mess when opened, but the kids love them.

Table Glamour Table Setting
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