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[Flowers @ the Dump]

You never know what you will find at the "Dump"! Refreshing my garden creates the need to visit the local recycling dump. This time of year, the lines are long, and I patiently wait my turn. Yes, it's hot, smelly and the flies are enjoying the cut greens. BTW - I'm on the composting line. As I get out of the car, my eagle eyes wander the pile of clippings, tree limbs, spent annuals, and bare veggie plants. Low and behold, I discover a pile of hydrangea blossoms!

I look around, and like a squirrel who found a nut, I scamper over and grab a few blooms. Of course, I'm fussy and look for blossoms with long stems. After throwing them in the back seat, I feel eyes on me. Yes, I'm nuts, and let them laugh because I have a beautiful end of summer table.

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