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We are always to busy. Paper plates are easy. Pull up a stool at the counter. Are we creating experiences that create memories with family and friends? It's easy to rush but let's stop and make a memorable time. Whether you have a table or a counter, you can set it!

I have both. However, your first view when entering my home, is my table. It is always set for the season, month or holiday.

Start with the flower specials at your local grocery store.

Match the flowers with a table covering. The covering can be full "body" cloth, minimal placemats, or a paper runner. Leave it in this state, and add you place setting.

Place setting; Where is it hiding or why is it hiding? With all the talk on sustainability, use your china. Add clearing the table and dish duty as a child's chore. FYI: I have four boys. There chore was to clear the table and load the dishwasher. Today, their spouses thank me. They clear the table and load the dishwasher!

Sit around the table / counter and talk. It's a time you and your family and friends will always remember as great experiences.

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