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[ Flowers in Vintage Veggie Dishes ]

What do you do with vintage covered vegetable dishes? With minimal dinning it has become a lost art to use these "bowls" to serve vegetables. As a result they are in abundance at thrift shops, and on ebay. You can find Limoges, Noritake and many other manufacturers of fine china. I have several from my grandmothers, and my children have no need for them.


Mother's Day is around the corner. Create a wonderful floral arrangement for your Gram or Auntie is a treasured piece.

Baby and Bridal Showers can always have a treasured memory to include those who are no longer with us. You can also add teacups filled with flowers for a favor.

Dinner Parties always require fresh flowers.

I transform these beautiful pieces to use as vessels for my floral arrangements. It's easy! Purchase a wet oasis at Michael's.

Place the dry oasis in a bowl of water until it is saturated with the water. Then, place in your veggie dish. Create a low arrangement and Voila!

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