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[ Daily Catch]

It's the end of summer. Our family enjoys seafood, so it's time to set the table for the daily catch!

Step 1: Chargers: Select a texture or color to bring you closer to the water, straw is a good example.

Table Glamour Table Setting

Step 2: Select a neutral dinner plate. I started with the green cabbage leaf

plates made in Portugal from William Sonoma. These can also be found at Home Goods.

Step 3: PIck the salad plate. Since it's the end of summer, I'm using a colorful fish plate that will take me into fall. These are also from Portugal, so the weight and feel of the plates blend.

Step 4: The centerpiece is the blossom from the lovage herb plant. It looks like dill and smells like celery! So you don't see the stems, the base is filled with sea shells.

Table Glamour Table Setting

Step 5: To illuminate the tealights have floating candles. The base is filled with water and seashells.

Step 6: For the pop double napkin wraps. Found some shells wrapped on coated wire, plus a pewter fish.

Table Glamour Napkin Ring

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