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[Where Flowers Lay]

First, is it "lie" or "lay"? Whatever!

Are flowers the focal point of your table? If so, then why don't we use floral table coverings or tablecloths today? My linen closet stacks are: white table cloths, floral & patterned cloths, table runners, and place mats.

Then, I view my garden with all the glorious florals. What to do?

It's easy to throw the white cloth on the table.

Today, I chose a different path. The sun is out over head, and I'm enjoying the view of my gardens. I asked myself, "How can I bring that inside?" So, I selected a bright pink April Cornel table cloth with red, yellow and pink flowers. I wanted to capture the essence of the cloth, so I matched the flowers as close as possible. Wanted to create the illusion that the cloth popped out giving a 3D effect.

What do you think?

Place Setting: Keeping in theme and letting the cloth speak, I opted for a soft yellow plate. However, the throw back is the wonderful "Tom Collins" 1950's frosted glasses. These glasses came in an 8 pack of multi-colors; yellow, mint, blue and pink. I think that the frosting was to remind us of the "cooling" of the drink.

If interested, the glasses are for sale, but I only have 7 at $4 each plus shipping. Message me if interested.

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