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[ Mix and Match ]

Let's look at mixing and matching. You do this every day when you select what you want to wear. Let's apply those same principles to your table.

1. Determine your color scheme.

Charger: Gold is used for the base.

Dinner Plate: White center with black and gold detailed rim. The rim here is a simple design.

Table Glamour Table Setting

2. Remove the salad plate and replace with a covered soup bowl: Black and white check.

Table Glamour Table Setting

3. Centerpiece: Mix and Match!

4. The poppy flowered detail on the centerpiece has a tremendous pop. Instead of adding solid candle holders, lets see what we can mix and match. First, we added the tigers. This brings in the orange and black. It coordinates the orange color in the flower container.

Table Glamour Table Setting

5. Then, we added the black and white checked candle sticks. Voila!

Your eye focuses on the orange flowers, then circles around from the checks to the tiger.

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