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[ Get Cheesy with Cheese ]

Table Glamour Table Setting

Who doesn't have cheese as an appetizer? Even though it's easy to prepare, it's all about presentation. I like to present cheese, fruit and a sweet. This way the presentation can be displayed before and after dinner.

For the holidays, I like to get all glamorous, and I like to transend that to my tables. My silver stays in the closet all year, and this is the time to let it shine. Even though the pieces are wrapped in silver cloth bags, I have to polish! UGH! But in the end, it's all worth it. For those of you who like the country, rustic look, this presentation shows you mixing the elements.

Step 1: Started with a slate cheese board, and added silver utensils.

Step 2: Silver tier with fruit and a silver bisquit holder. I also resurrected silver picks for grabbing the strawberries.

Table Glamour Table setting

Table Glamour Table Setting

Step 3: Added the sweet to a silver cake stand. You could pile cookies or chocolates here.

Table Glamour Table Setting

Step 4: The "POP" on this table is a giant silver gazing ball that reflect's everything on the table. The birch logs and red berries provide the rustic, country look to complete the tablescape.

Table Glamour Table Setting

For the family room add this rustic cheese presentation, another way to serve cheese.

Get "Cheesy" but add the glam!

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