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[ Fish Out of Water ]

Love fish and the sea! A soothing feeling overcomes me when I think of the sea. I gravitate to fish décor. Maybe it’s because I’m a Pieces. This table was set for a designer showcase. I loved it so much; I decided to share it with you.

This ultimate table is a result of many trials and table don’ts. I wanted to reflect the sea, and started with blues, and ended with neutral beige. It’s more of a lake experience than the sea.

Linens: Natural beige quilted cloth, topped with a black linen cloth. Needed the black to make the place setting stand out.

Centerpiece: The shell garlands I found on sale at Home Goods, and I desperately wanted to use them. Love the draping of garlands on harvest tables, and wanted to create one for a round table.

Then, I found a rectangular glass vase, looks like a fish bowl, and added driftwood and tropical leaves, To give pop of color, I added grape hyacinths. You could also use day lilies since they are frequently seen along waterways.

Place Setting: MacKenzie Childs Country Check platters vs. the charges. The platters are 17 inches. Added basic white china, and Country Check bowls for the “Chowder”.

Napkins are dishtowels with Kim Seybert napkin rings. The crystal is simple, antique 1930’s.

To add a special pop for the designer house, I added twig orbs at the base of the table, symbolic of the lake. Then, to complete the look I added a fish paper on the floor. I couldn't decide whether to go with the fish floor or reupholster the dining chairs with a fish motif to complete the look.

I love it; it’s not by the Sea, but serene Lakeside.

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