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[From Hive to Table]

The bees are buzzing, the flowers blooming, and I have been in my garden most of the day.

This queen bee who’s been a work bee needs to chill. What better way than to sip lemonade with a kick!

Beverage servers are the trend, but I still love my antique lemonade pitcher with matching glasses. The one here belonged to my great grandmother. The pitcher is etched with butterflies and daisies, but the best are the glasses – delicate and ladylike. You can find old pitchers at flea markets and on line. If you find the matching glasses, which are usually less than 6 ounce size that’s a real find. Hey, small glasses are a good friend for portion control, but who’s watching! Add some trending colorful straws for lazy sips.

Some of my favorite pitchers have hand painted designs with fluted rims that look like ruffles. If you look at the bottom of the pitcher, and there is a depression; its blown glass. The depression in the center is from the blowpipe.

Fill them with lemonade, infused water or a punch.

Place setting: Finding dish towels with a honey bee design was my inspiration for this setting. Using dish towels as napkins provides lots of fabric for messes. The whimsical bee plates were a find at a thrift shop.

Linens: Seems that I’m doing more with rolls of wrapping paper. Quality, heavy weight paper comes in so many colors. I find great paper at Home Goods and TJMaxx.

It’s easy to pick a roll that provides a splash to the table and easy clean up. Don’t know what I will do with all my table linens!

Centerpiece: This time of year the flowers are abundant in your garden, and roadside. I used wild buttercups and wild roses, very simple. Put them in a glass, canning jar and/or place the glass in a wicker basket. You don’t need to fill the basket.

Recipe: Honey Rum Mint Lemonade

The Bee's are in the house!

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