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[ Go for the Gold ...& Green ]

Why do we love gold? Is it because when we are surrounded by it we feel luxurious. Well, my motto is"more is better". You can never have too much gold. For the holidays many of you will select gold. Here is a lux tablescape.

Centerpiece: Let's set the background with a gold table cloth, and sheer gold polka dot ribbon. This ribbon is awesome! Check out Home Goods for 3-4 inch wide ribbon. After the holidays check out Neiman Marcus for their fabulous ribbon selection. Run two ribbon strips down the center.

Add some mini boxwood trees. You can make them or purchase from a florist. Spray some pots gold and voila! PS: Stay tuned, I plan to use these in multiple tablescapes.

That may be all you need, but true to my roots, I needed more. Added silk gold leaf and red berry garland, and gold paper-mache pears. Now, for the lighting, just love the Meissen cordial glasses with gold tree tea lights. New this year are the gold orbs with led lights.

Place setting: My go to gold charges. These charges do not owe me anything. If you don't have a set, I highly recommend them. I think I paid a dollar for each of them. Start with the basic plate, then, add your favorite dessert plate. Shown here is my Lenox Christmas China, and antique gold etched water goblets. Gold flatware and white napkin complete the look.

Pop: The pop here is truly a pop! We have a tradition of popping holiday crackers. We adorn ourselves with the paper crowns, take photos, and read the riddles. Yes, they make a mess when the confetti flutters all over the place, but it's all about memories.

Another option is to set your tea light on the plate and light it, give thanks and serve.

Happy Holiday Tablescaping!

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