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[ Holiday Blu Bubbles & Stars]

r those of you who are fans of Blue and White, here's a holiday table just for you.

Centerpiece: My glass top table was a perfect setting for this scape. Again, where do I start? I've been storing my mother's 1950's punch bowl, and it's time to take it out. Hmm, it is bigger than I thought. For many holidays, my sons would give me a "witches ball". These were also in storage, I forgot how pretty the shades of blue are. The fit perfectly into the punch bowl. Moravian LED stars tucked into the bowl, made the balls glisten. Greens added to the base completed the center piece. Since I'm not having guests this year, my walkway cardboard houses, added a simple touch to the center piece. Let's not forget the menorah.

Place setting: Love, love, love my Royal Copenhagen china with silver chargers. Add a ribbon around the napkin and tuck an evergreen sprig for color and texture.

Using LED lights in the stars and the cardboard houses, provides warmth and invites you to sit.

Happy Holiday!

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