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[Can't Go to Italy....]

....then bring Italy to you! Create an Italian sans fresco dining experience thru your tablescape.

My family enjoys sitting around the table for hours, whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner, and maybe that's because of our Italian heritage. An eclectic table, good food and spirits create a perfect atmosphere for great conversation, laughter and memories. So, transport your family and friends to an Italian experience.

To start, it's easy with a just a few pieces of Italian ceramics. Of course, I have an assortment.

Place Setting: Start with your basic dinner plate. I'm using my lettuce leaf pattern. My options are a salad plate with country flowers, or a curved condiment dish. The condiment dish is from a "Lazy Susan" set. I found these pieces and was going to recreate the Lazy Susan. Then, I discovered these curvy dishes can be used for salad, corn, veggie sides, or soup!. This is re-purposing in action!

There a many salad plate options; round, square and mixed patterns.

To have something for a luncheon, I used a pink glass plate with a bread & butter top plate.

Two pieces we need for every meal, a glass for wine, and a demi-tasse cup. Below you can see the demi-tasse pot and petite sugar bowl. Serve your biscotti on the petite pedestal compote.

When I was growing up, my grandparents drank wine in small glasses, not tall stems. Surprise your guests with a different twist on drinking wine.

Centerpiece: Keep it simple; a bunch of flowers, and lots of candles.

POP: Your meal! Check out TableGlamour's Italian specials, antipasto, and braciole.

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