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[Copper vs. Gold for Holiday]

Mix up your holiday décor, add copper tones.

I was excited to see in Milan and Paris copper being used for interior decors.

Last year on the markdown table, I picked up 10 different size ceramic copper Christmas trees. WOW! I’m sure I was thinking more is better. These would definitely work well on a large harvest table, but with my round table, I had to get creative.

  1. Didn’t realize how challenging it would be to select the RIGHT linen. If you have a wood table you may not need a linen. Best choice for me…..white. The contrast between the copper and white was what I was looking for.

  2. How many trees to use? Start with the theory; work in odd numbers. I’m going with 5, but using the smaller heights.

  3. Added garland for softness, and texture against the ceramics.

  4. Illuminate with copper tree candles, and mini tea lights.

  5. Place setting is cream with a gold boarder. Don’t worry, the powerful glow of the copper trees, and candle light, transform the gold rim to a “glistening’ metallic. One has to look closely to see that it’s gold. The same effect for the wooden placemats and flatware.

  6. Christmas tree tea lights at each place setting adds to the glow and pop.


Now to find a place, maybe the bin, for the balance of the trees.

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