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Sea Urchin Meets Princess Limoges

For those who follow me on Instagram, you know that I have spent my time traveling. When I’m home, time is spent with household and yard chores. The time goes by so quickly, that my table has been static, and I wanted to share some new ideas.

My ideas stem from an object that catches my eye. This week, I have to credit my sister’s decorators for this “sea urchin” centerpiece. I saw it on her dining room table and couldn’t take my eyes off of it. Low and behold, I found a similar version at Home Sense. This centerpiece became my starting point. I added small leaves at the base, Hosta blossoms (after all, they just wave and droop in the wind), white Lysimachia and purple astilbe.

Place Setting: Mixing plates creates a total different vibe. I started with a contemporary pink dinner plate. Then, added antique pink floral Limoges salad plate, and a different Limoges saucer. To top the saucer, an etched port glass w/ a strawberry was added. I love, love, love vintage glass. These port glasses, purchased at an estate sale in Grosse Point, MI. reminded me of today’s William Yeoward crystal. Added contemporary pink water/wine goblets, and Juliska (I think) flutes and wine.

Napkins, that belonged to my mother, are linen with a pink organdy edge. To give them some pop, I placed a leafy branch beneath.

Even though the Limoges has to be hand washed, the place setting just makes me smile.

Who says a Sea Urchin can’t meet the Princess Limoges.

Coming Soon: a selection of Limoges in the online shop

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