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Fall Is for Pumpkins

Fall is a great time to entertain and provides many themes to use; fall, football, Halloween, or Thanksgiving. I’m an Iris Arpel follower; “more is more and less is a bore.” I emptied my storage unit and discovered that I have more and more and more! So much china that I couldn’t decide on a theme for my table this month. If you follow me on Instagram, you see many of my practice tables. Instead of a tip this month, I’m going to focus on themes using my china and pumpkins.

A pumpkin is a cultivar of a squash pant. According to botanists it is a fruit. Many of us don’t think of it as a fruit. Many of us use it for decoration. I label pumps into categories: orange is the traditionalist; and blue is contemporary. Then, there are gourd varieties for the non-conformist or for the artsy. But the white is the queen. Let’s start with the traditionalist. I have some flashback tablescapes. BTW: I love the color orange. Mini orange pumpkins w/ fall leaves, or mini pumpkin tea lights. You can up your game, by mixing plates, and lighting.

Now, for the white pumpkin. These are more expensive put can add an elegance to your table. If you like the minimalist look, use the white pumpkins with white roses, hydrangeas or rustic white birch logs. I combined these with my favorite orange pumpkin plates, and birch floral vases.

White pumpkins are a great transition to Thanksgiving. You can add pinecones, poppers, and turkey plates. Yes, I have them all!

The blue pumpkin, this is my favorite flash back. I filled the indented pumpkin top with dirt and placed succulents. Since it has a “silver” them, I went with mini sculls. Love this one, especially with the Greek key china.

The gourds place of honor was always displayed in a fruit bowl. This year I found the perfect combination of white pumpkin touched with orange stripes! First, I tried it with vintage Italian plates. Then, it was a perfect match for the William Sonoma squash plates and the McKenzie Childs courtly check.

Many of these tablescapes are flashbacks, and I love them all.

Stay tuned – I’m working on this year’s Thanksgiving table.

Happy Fall!

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