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[ Happy Color.....YELLOW ]

As we continue to shelter in place, we look to things that bring us joy, comfort and happiness. We are cooking more, trying creative activities, and looking for the light.

I too, am cooking for one, but what makes me happy is color, lots of color - especially yellow - yellow flowers, yellow table settings, and yes, yellow flowers on my jeans!

Let's start with tablescapes. I brought my boys up on paper plates and saved the "good stuff" for holidays. I may be the sole guest, but I set the table as often as possible. It makes me happy.

With the daffodils in full bloom, I'm focusing on yellow. Enjoy!

Vintage Italian Demitasse cups paired with MacKenzie Childs Courtly Check.

Mixing and Matching the Tableware Makes It Fun!

Seashells and Daffodils.....Dreaming of Summer!

Champagne, Coffee or Tea???

Out of the PJ's and into the Floral!

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